Innovating while saving costs and carbon

Sofa Session
Serge de Gheldere

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As a global warming ambassador, Serge de Gheldere has given hundreds of lectures on climate change, oil decline and the opportunity of a low-carbon future. He also taught guest lectures at Yale University, Standford University and Tsinghua University in Beijing.

In Kortrijk, he will elaborate on how companies can discover new business opportunities that create shared value for their customers and improves the bottom line and how to integrate this in their strategy and use business dashboards to track, tally and publish reduced environmental impact and operational savings.


Serge de Gheldere trained as an electro-mechanical engineer in Groep T Engineering School, Leuven (Belgium) and as a master in polymer and composites engineering at the KU Leuven (Belgium).

Serge then worked as a product development engineer for Baxter R&D Europe for 7 years. There he was part of a global team designing and developing the industry's first system to eliminate blood-borne pathogens in platelets.

Serge de Gheldere is now the ceo (and co-founder) of Futureproofed, a consultancy focused on tackling climate change with business models.

Futureproofed works with leading, visionary corporations — such as ING, Colruyt, Deme, Recticel, Nike, Torfs, Bulo, Van Marcke, Melotte, Eyeworks, and Ecover — who recognise the benefits of moving to a low-carbon, sustainable economy. Futureproofed also advises Belgian governmental organisations in building smart and sustainable cities.

In 2006 Serge was part of a select group of experts personally trained by Al Gore to become a global warming “ambassador”.