Empowering employees for innovation and business success

Ricardo Semler

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Ricardo Semler leads one of the most extraordinary companies in the world, Semco. It has a unique form of industrial democracy and an Semler uses an innovative management style that has the employee as its focal point.

Empowering their employees, Semco has been able to overcome the economic downturn Brazil has faced during the early 2000’s. How do you motivate your staff to push your company forward not just by doing their job but by thinking like and for the company?


Ricardo Semler is president of Semco S/A, based in Brazil, and the author of two books: Maverick and The Seven-Day Weekend. Maverick has been published in 16 languages and sold over one million copies.

Known around the globe for his innovative, employee-centric management style, Ricardo Semler is a true visionary who advises businesses on how they can significantly improve performance by restructuring relationships with their people.

Ricardo admits that his own company’s management agreements are not for everyone (managers determine their salaries, staff choose their bosses), but it is a success. Not only financially but also as a societal project.

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