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Tea for two
Peter Perceval

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People love stories. And customers do to. Building a good story around your business, product or service is important for capturing the attention of your potential customer. 

Having worked with numerous comedians and CEOs, Peter knows how to find the perfect balance between entertainment and business talk. 


Geert Hoste, Nigel Williams, Raf Coppens, Bert Kruismans and An Nelissen: These are just a few of the successful comedians Peter Perceval worked with the past decennia. With more than 20 years of experience in writing comedy for radio, television and theatre, we can consider him as one of the founders of the modern comedy scene in Belgium. Peter wrote scenario’s for numerous shows, published some books and has his own production company since 1992. He knows how to inspire and convince people, and how to make them listen to you, and is an expert in adding humour to a speech. Being a public speaker himself he knows what he is talking about and can share his knowledge in a very entertaining and motivating way.