Prepare your company for the world of tomorrow

Tea for two
Nik Baerten

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We all know that our actions today influence the future. We often forget however how the diverse ways in which we envision and imagine the future shape our options today. They render tangible both tomorrow's threats and opportunities so one can anticipate upon them today. Have a seat and join Nik for an inspiring dialogue on all things future and receive a taste of how an authentic blend between foresight and design can help for your organization prepare for tomorrow.


Nik is co-founder of Pantopicon, a studio for foresight and design based in Antwerp (B). For 10 years already, he and his team enable clients to explore and envision imminent futures, to chart and anticipate upon the challenges and opportunities which tomorrow might bring. Through speculative and analytical means they crafts tools and processes, stories and strategies, envision products, services and experiences to stimulate debate on new meanings. They guide clients big and small, in both the public and the private realm, to see, design and act upon the future starting today.