How to become an outside-in organisation? Innovation through customer collaboration.

Marion Debruyne

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Successful companies approach their business from the market. Not the other way around. Innovation expert Marion Debruyne explains how to become an outside-in organisation by constantly connecting with the market to anticipate changes, converting customer insights into actionable change and collaborating with others where their own capabilities fall short.


“Nothing is as practical as a good theory”. Marion loves bridging the gap between the academic world and the world of business practice. She believes in market-driven organisations that innovate together with their customers to create real customer solutions and which build partner-ecosystems to bring these to the market. 

Marion is Associate Professor and Partner at Vlerick Business School. She is Director of the school’s Master programs and Program Director of its Product Management executive course. Marion is passionate about strategy and innovation and their interrelatedness. She helps companies think about how to respond to changing markets and escape commoditisation by adapting their product line, marketing strategy and ultimately their business model.

She has ample experience with a broad range of industries. She has spent 5 years in the US as Faculty Member and Visiting Scholar at both graduate and business schools.