How service design thinking can help your business forward

Sofa Session
Marc Stickdorn

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How can you make your service a unique and outstanding experience which exceeds your competitors? Expert in service design thinking Marc Stickdorn believes we should slip in the customer’s shoes. By making your service a better and unique experience, the satisfied client will be able to distinguish between similar brands and will serve as an ambassador for you. Since social media are an easy means to share experiences and impact other customers, the personal experience attached to a service is becoming increasingly important.  


Marc Stickdorn is a trainer and consultant for service design thinking from Germany. With a background in strategic management and information systems, he supports organisations to build up knowledge in the field of service design and helps them to sustainably integrate service design into their structures. 

Marc guest lectures at various business and design schools and co-founded smaply, an agency developing software solutions to sustainably implement service design in organisations.

Recently, he co-founded myServiceFellow, a tool to gain genuine customer insights through mobile ethnography. Marc is editor and co-author of the seminal service design book This is Service Design Thinking.