This is service design thinking: align your business with your customers and the future

Marc Stickdorn

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Knowing and meeting customer expectations can be difficult. Looking at your business like you were your own customer can be both confrontational and enriching. With customer journey mapping and service design, Marc Stickdorn lays out a roadmap to bring your business closer to your customer. With service design you can match your innovation efforts closely with the existing marketplace and beyond. 


Marc Stickdorn is a trainer and consultant for service design thinking from Germany. With a background in strategic management and information systems, he supports organisations to build up knowledge in the field of service design and helps them to sustainably integrate service design into their structures. 

Marc guest lectures at various business and design schools and co-founded smaply, an agency developing software solutions to sustainably implement service design in organisations.

Recently, he co-founded myServiceFellow, a tool to gain genuine customer insights through mobile ethnography. Marc is editor and co-author of the seminal service design book This is Service Design Thinking.