Using digital technology for company structure

Maarten Aelvoet

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Some organisations have already solved certain questions you are trying to answer. Maarten Aelvoet will explain how digital technologies can serve as a catalysing and organising framework to leverage these capabilities, so they can focus on their own unique value, capabilities and talent.


Maarten is a young innovator obsessed with what the future beholds for our day-to-day commercial, social and political life. He feels at home in the intersection between people, business, technology and government. Starting as an entrepreneur working for Belgian start-up Carambla and founding his own start-up Quruu he discovered how new ideas can generate impact for people. He was awarded as one of the Flemish entrepreneur rookies of the year 2013 by VOKA, but the story of Quruu ended in the beginning of 2014. "It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed" (Theodore Roosevelt). As a Business designer at True North he currently helps companies define how they can mark the world of tomorrow.