How to profit from you innovation?

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Koen Verhaeghe

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Ever wondered what the difference is between copyright, patents, non-disclosure, trademarks, design right, breeder’s right… Discover what Intellectual property means for your business. How it influences your market competitiveness.

Curious what your customer really wants? Are you working on the right innovation for your companies next move ? How to evolve from ad hoc to strategic innovation. Can you get financial support for my innovation project(s) ? Are you doing the right things or are you just doing the things right?


For more than 11 years the Innovationcentre help small and medium sized Flemish companies with their innovation projects. The Innovationcentre is an independent organization with expertise in the field of financial funding,  intellectual property, business modelling, innovation strategies and matching the right knowledge partner(s).

Annually the Innovatiecentres meet more than 1000 Flemish companies, active in various sectors. Their intervention is a major incentive for companies to realize their innovation projects.
A team of 35 skilled innovation consultants are passionately helping companies in your innovation journey.