Honest experiences of a culinary homecomer

Kobe Desramaults

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Kobe will talk aubout his philosophy: to create an experience that is honest about who and where we are. We are rediscovering forgotten or lost knowledge and crafts, with which we work in full creativity in order to find a brutal, intense and pure natural taste...


Kobe Desramaults (1980°) was born and raised in Dranouter, a small village just short of the French border. After a bumpy ride at several schools, during which time he spent more hours on his skateboard than behind the desk, his mother send Kobe to a local restaurant as an apprentice.

Aged 24 he became the chef at « In de Wulf ». He reshaped in the Wulf to become a gastronomical restaurant. Never choosing the easy path, Kobe started questioning himself and his menu.

Returning to his roots, he started working with regional products. The story of Kobe’s cooking can no longer be detached from his surroundings and is now a tale of longevity and footprint.