The PRoF-Think-Path: the power of keywords leading to innovation

Jan Van Hecke

Session info

The PRoF methodology takes the audience from the search for keywords to the discovery of new innovation opportunities. In this interactive session about “Voluntariness”, we will discover how willing people are to participate in societal projects. You will be surprised by the outcome...


Jan Van Hecke, studied mechanical engineering in Gent, economics at KUL Leuven and Management at PUB Vlerick in Gent.
In 1985 he became CEO and owner of Boone International, a general furniture factory.  Following the idea that builingspace and homebuilding should become more and more expensive, he gave the company a completely new direction so that it became one of the leading european factories for space saving furniture, more specifically: WallBeds. In 2000 he started Boone Projects, a company specialized in project furniture.
In 2009 he became the founder and coordinator of the PRoF-Consortium.  This Consortium is an international Care ThinkTank of major players in the Healthcare sector, usability groups, research institutes and a selection of architects and industries acting together as an Open Innovation Platform. With over 250 members it is actually one of the largest innovation platforms in Europe.