Escape the system, enter the new reality!

Hubert-Jan van Boxel

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Progress can preferable be made by leaving all fixed patterns behind. How can a lawyer/notary help to feed the entire world population? By quit the firm and enter the new reality!

PlantLab is creating the ability to breed and harvest plants completely independent from time and space restrictions, to make sure that by 2050 9 billion people will have access to safe, nutritious, tasty and affordable food.


Dr. Hubert-Jan van Boxel is business developer at PlantLab. He graduated in 1992 at Leiden University (Law School) before becoming a lawyer at several well known law firms in the Netherlands. In 1999 he was appointed as one of the youngest civil law notaries in the Netherlands.

Besides his job at the office Hubert-Jan was a lecturer at Radboud University Nijmegen. In addition to teaching, he was a regular contributor to several scientific journals. In 2011 Hubert-Jan published his dissertation titled cross-border mergers of limited liability companies under Dutch law. In June 2013 Hubert-Jan quit the law firm, the university and renounced his function as a notary to join PlantLab.

His aim: make the world a little bit better.