Running a company? Hardly child's play!

Sofa Session
Hans Bourlon

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Founding and running an entertainment company, growing it from one production and five employees to one of the largest entertainment companies can only be achieved through making the right decisions. Hans Bourlon, together with his business partners at Studio 100 has been a master at spotting the right opportunities, broadening the scope of the business while keeping a high production standard. In his session, Hans will share his views how entrepreneurial creativity can grow your business. 


Hans Bourlon is the founder of production company “Studio 100”, along with Gert Verhulst and Danny Verbiest. The production company has created popular Belgian television series for children and teens. Since 1996, it has brought out TV productions, shows, movies, newspaper supplements, books, audio and video recordings, merchandise and even its own theme parks at breathtaking speed.

In 2008, Studio 100 got a foot in the door of the international market with the acquisition of the German company EM Entertainment, which owned the rights to children’s classics such as Maya the Bee, Vic the Viking and Heidi.

After all these years, both Hans Bourlon and Gert Verhulst are still omnipresent within the company. The two of them continue to influence all the activities of Studio 100, whether business or creative matters. Both gentlemen were awarded “Manager of the Year 2008” and the Studio 100 company was awarded “Enterprise of the Year 2009”.