A macroeconomists view on innovation

Sofa Session
Geert Noels

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With Econoshock, Geert Noels set the benchmark of what a businessbook with a macroeconomic view can be. He explains how the economy works the way it does and where it's heading. His conclusion: only with an eye on sustainability, the use of new technologies and a focus on authenticity we will be able to keep our current level of prosperity. He puts a sustainable economic model before the debt driven unkeepable levels of growth some wish for. During his session he will talk and give answers on how innovation can help us build a sustainable economy. 


Geert Noels is co-founder and Chief Economist of Econopolis, an independent „new style” asset management company.

He started his career at Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC). Afterwards he worked at the research department of the VEV (now VOKA). He continued his career as the chief economist of a financial organisation for 15 years.

His voice is regularly heard through the media and his advice sought by various international organizations as well as the authorities. His economic opinions were summarised in the bestseller “Econoshock” (awarded “best non-fiction book” in 2009 by ABN-Amro) and the 4 episode tv documentary by the same name (2013), on the six shocks that are currently transforming our economy, society and daily life.