Employee-driven innovation: What can we learn from psychological science?

Frederik Anseel

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We often depict innovation as a mystical art, rather than a set of abilities that most people can learn. Psychological scientist Frederik Anseel draws on 30 years of research in psychology and neuroscience to test our assumptions about how innovation really works.  By debunking some of the myths around innovation, he demonstrates a new way to identify and profile innovative individuals.


“The people make the place” is the lens through which Frederik Anseel studies and consults with companies. Without a profound insight in the underlying psychological mechanisms of people at work, one cannot understand why some organizations prosper, while others don’t.

Frederik Anseel is a Full Professor of Psychology and Department Chair at Ghent University. As the founder of the VIGOR Innovation Research Group, he built a team of scientific experts and entrepreneurs in creativity and innovation. Since 2013 he also holds the Securex Chair “Working in the 21st century: Creating business results through a personalized organization”.