The Medici effect or how to succeed in a world of unpredictability

Frans Johansson

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The path to success is no longer a game of chess in which every move a company makes is logical, states Frans Johansson. In a world of unpredictability, trial and error are increasingly important. Companies that try to keep on playing the game of business the way they used to will be overtaken by those who change the game. Time to move on and experiment and embrace luck. Frans Johansson will inspire you to take the next step to success. 


Frans Johansson is an author, entrepreneur, and consultant. His debut book, The Medici Effect shattered assumptions about how great ideas happen, and was named one of the “Best Books on Innovation” by BusinessWeek. His follow up book, The Click Moment, obliterates the idea that in business you can strategise, plan, and analyse your way to success.

Frans has advised executives and captivated audiences from 30% of the Fortune 100 as well as startups, venture capital firms, government agencies, and universities around the world. 

Frans Johansson has founded a software company, an international healthcare firm, and a hedge fund. He has written articles on healthcare, information technology, and the science of sport fishing.