Integrate design as driver for innovation

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Dries Laperre

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The term "design" covers many aspects. Design is not "making things look good" but "making things better". It is closely linked to innovation: improving products, adding services, looking at customer expectations. It is a multidisciplinary process that influences many parts of your business. Talk to an expert in design to discover what design can add to your company.


Interested to know what design can do for your company?

As a 5 year old, Dries was convinced he was going to become an inventor, but people told him there was no school for that. You can imagine his surprise when he discovered the master industrial design in Kortrijk. He was sold! Creativity and design methodology are his passion ever since. In his quest to spread his belief that everyone can be creative, he co-founded the Professional Bachelor Industrial Product Design program at Howest University of Applied Science, where he is research coordinator and teaches design thinking.