Using mindfulness for creativity

David Cox

Session info

Dr David Cox, Chief Medical Officer at Headspace, will talk about how mindfulness - the skill of keeping your attention in the present moment, derived from an ancient Buddhist practice - has been shown by science to enhance you health, your mind, and your creativity.


Dr. David Cox is the Chief Medical Officer for Headspace, responsible for overseeing all scientific and medically-related research work that Headspace is involved in.

David is a fully qualified doctor, educated at Cambridge University and Imperial College, London. He worked as an Emergency Department physician in central London for 4 years before embarking on a management path. He spent 3 years consulting to health systems with McKinsey & Co., and has also worked in the NHS in a citywide health system design role and as an operational manager of the largest hospital group in London. David has been published in journals including The Lancet, the American Journal of Physiology, and the UK health management publication: the Health Service Journal.

Having discovered mindfulness through Headspace, David came on board to help the company become a leading light in mindfulness research, and, ultimately, get Headspace to the point where it can be prescribed to patients by their doctors.