Innovation as a Dutch experience: find the missing link between bullshit and beauty

Daan Roosegaarde

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Roosegaarde’s professional mission is to create the missing links between poetry and pragmatism, fantasy and budget. He believes that we must lose our “yes, but...” attitude and “look for the missing links.”

The key to accomplishing this task, believes Roosegaarde, is his Dutch artist-entrepreneur attitude, which he considers to be equal parts “priest and entrepreneur,” in order to perfectly merge technology and creativity. 


Daan Roosegaarde, creative director of the social design lab Studio Roosegaarde, delivers unimaginable technology to the world. He develops innovative, interactive landscapes that are accomplished through the objective of pulling technology ‘out of the screen’ and integrating it into the real world.

Roosegaarde is best known for projects such as Dune, Intimacy 2.0 and Sustainable Dance Floor, which have won international awards. He is currently developing Smart Highways which are interactive and sustainable.

Roosegaarde has won numerous renowned design awards, including the Dutch Design Award. He has been the focus of exhibitions at the Tate Modern, the National Museum in Tokyo, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and public spaces in Rotterdam and Hong Kong.