At the CWF we want to show you the innovation beyond the technical level. The internet of things, drones, virtual reality glass(es) are more of a reality than futuristic daydreams. Building businesses on top of these new platforms are the challenges we are facing today. How do other companies take advantage of new opportunities?

You can visit and experience the Forum’s exhibition at Kortrijk Xpo all day. But there is more. Arts centre Buda will take the exhibition further. Their arts and design outlook will provide you inspiration to give spice up your innovation projects.

The Green Lights District at buda explores how do technology and science affect the relationship between man and nature in the city. Designers, artists, entrepreneurs and scientists present concrete projects that transcend the sense of defeatism that surrounds ecology. Small, surprising and unprecedented revolutions that inspire reflection and generate complicity.

If you attend the Creativity World Forum, you are invited to the pre-opening of this exhibition on November 5th. 

All day