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Tea for two
An Nelissen

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Having a great idea is a good beginning. But turning that idea into something real requires more than inspiration alone. Building a convincing story and bringing it to your audience is as important as the idea in itself. How do you talk to a group? Do you remain authentic? How does your body language speak to your audience?

Who better than an experienced actress and coach to give you advice that is both personal and to the point.


An Nelissen has more than 40 years of experience on stage. As an actrice she played in numerous plays, movies and television shows. 13 Years ago An started playing her own soloshows, selling out theatres all over Flanders. She knows perfectly how to move on stage and how to transfer your energy to the crowd. 

An looks through masks and sees a unique personality in each person, who she offers all the tools to be themself on a stage. Finding your authentic self on stage instead of following cliché rules is what she is best in. Speaking in public is natural for An and she is looking forward to sharing her expertise.